Thermal Science and Engineering


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Volume 7 (1999) (Number 1 / Number 2 / Number 3 / Number 4 / Number 5 / Number 6)

(1999, Vol. 7, No. 6)

Molecular Mechanism of Energy and Momentum Transfer in Liquids
Ohara T. and Suzuki D.
- - -    1
Molecular Dynamics Mechanism of Diffusion
Iwaki T. and Satake S.
- - -    9
The Structure of Free Jet Expansion of Binary Gas Mixture
Tokumasu T., Matsumoto Y., Kamijo K. and Oike M.
- - -    17
Molecular Dynamics View of Continuum Thermo-Fluid-Dynamics
Kotake S.
- - -    23
On Quantum Features of Scattering of a Diatomic Molecule from Nanoporous Surface
Zolotoukhina T. N.
- - -    29
QMD Processes of Thermal Interaction between Light and Matter
Shibahara M. and Katsuki M.
- - -    35
Heat Conduction Mechanisms and Phonon Engineering in Superlattice Structures
Chen G., Borca-Tasciuc T., Yang B., Song D., Liu W., Zeng T. and Achimo
- - -    43
Thermal Boundary Resistance at a Plane Boundary Using the SMAMM and Various Scattering Mechanisms
De Bellis L., Phelan P. E. and Prasher R. S.
- - -    53
Interpretation of Femtosecond Thermoreflectance Data in the Presence of Interband Transitions and Nonequilibrium Heating
Hostetler J. L., Smith A. N. and Norris, P. M.
- - -    61
FT-ICR Study of Chemical Reaction of Silicon Clusters
Maruyama S., Kohno M. and Inoue S.
- - -    69
Molecular Processes of Cluster Formation in Supersaturated Vapor
Matsumoto M., Yasuoka K. and Ohguchi K.
- - -    75
Novel Beam Delivery Technique for Ultra fast Laser Processing
Sun J. and Longtin J. P.
- - -    81
Microscale Real Temperature Measurement by the AFM using Thermal Feedback Method
Nakabeppu O., Igeta M. and Inoue T.
- - -    87
Molecular Deposition and Thermoelectric Evaluation of Bismuth Telluride Films
Inoue T. and Miyazaki K.
- - -    95
Formation Mechanism of Silicon Oxide Films with High Quality of Step Coverage by Remote Plasma CVD Using Tetraethylorthosilicate
Ishimaru K. and Okazaki K.
- - -    103
Atmospheric Pressure Nonequilibrium Plasma Chemistry by Nanosecond High-Voltage Pulses
Okazaki K. and Nozaki T.
- - -    109
Physical and Chemical Processes of the Excimer Laser Ablation of Polyethylene
Fushinobu K., Yokoyama Y., Fukumura, M. and Satoh I.
- - -    115
Temperature and Velocity Measurements of Interstitial Flows by Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Ogawa K., Hirai S., Okamoto I. and Okazaki K.
- - -    121
Pump-Probe Spectroscopy for Investigation of Nanosecond IR-laser Heating of a Polystyrene Film
Hanamura K., Nonoyama T. and Matsubara S.
- - -    129
Drag Reduction and Thermal Behavior of Nanoscale Concave-Convex Surfaces
Hasegawa M., Yabe A., Matsumoto S. and Nariai, H.
- - -    133
Microheater-Driven Dancing Microbubble
Takahashi K., Nagayama K. and Asano T.
- - -    139

(1999, Vol. 7, No. 5)

Stability of Vapor Film in Subcooled Film Boiling on a Sphere
Honda H., Yamashiro H. and Takamatsu H.
- - -    1
Analysis of Formation Process of Silicon Oxide Films with High Quality Step Coverage by Remote Plasma CVD Using Tetraethylorthosilicate
Ishimaru K. and Okazaki K.
- - -    11
Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Inhomogeneous Thermal Energy Flow through Finite-size Atom Column Systems
Wakabayashi H., Suzuki K., Matsumoto M. and Makino T.
- - -    21
A New Low-Reynolds-Number One-Equation Model of Turbulence for Predicting Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer (2nd Report: Development of One-Equation Heat Transfer Model of Turbulence)
Pei C. Q., Hattori H. and Nagano Y.
- - -    31
Molecular Dynamics Study on Evaporation Process of Adhered Thin Film on Surface
Shibahara M., Takada Y. and Katsuki M.
- - -    41

(1999, Vol. 7, No. 4)

Molecular Dynamics Study on Cluster Collision
Iwaki T.
- - -    1
Thermal Energy Absorption Mechanism of Thin Film by Light Irradiation
Shibahara M. and Katsuki M.
- - -    11
OH Radical Formation in Non-Thermal Plasma
Su Z., Kim H. H., Tsutsui M., Takashima K. and Mizuno A.
- - -    23
Enhancement of Bubble Departure and Critical Heat Flux in Saturated Pool Boiling under Microgravity Condition
Nishio S. and Tanaka H.
- - -    31
Vapor Generation and Collapse Behavior on a Fine Wire Subjected to Pulse Heating (Experimental Results for a Wide Range of Heating Rates)
Okuyama K., Iida, Y., Sasaki, H. and Kim J. H.
- - -    37
Numerical Simulation of the Growth for a Single Bubble in Nucleate Boiling
Bai Q. and Fujita Y.
- - -    45

(1999, Vol. 7, No. 3)

Direct Synthesis of Methanol from Methane and Water-vapor Mixture using Pulsed Barrier Discharge in an Extremely Thin Glass Tube Reactor
Kishida T., Yamada N., Nozaki T. and Okazaki K.
- - -    1
Restriction Enzyme Reaction in mm-sized Area using Local Temperature Control Technique by Laser Irradiation
Hirano K., Matsuura S., Matsuzawa Y., Katsura S. and Mizuno A.
- - -    11
Reforming Reaction of Methane using Non-thermal Plasma
Okumoto M., Takashima K., Katsura S. and Mizuno A.
- - -    23
Study on the Natural Air Cooling Design of Electronic Equipment Casings
(Effects of the Heights and Size of Outlet Vent on the Flow Resistance)
Ishizuka M., Biswas D., Hisano K. and Iwasaki H.
- - -    33
A New Low-Reynolds-Number One-Equation Model of Turbulence for Predicting Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer (1st Report: One-Equation Model Taking into Account the Near-Wall Behavior of Turbulence)
Pei C. Q., Hattori H. and Nagano Y.
- - -    41

(1999, Vol. 7, No. 2)

Wavpacket Dynamics of Energy Transfer in Molecule-Surface Collision with Interactive Potential
Zolotoukhina T.N.
- - -    1
Experimental Study of the Rheological and Heat Transfer Behavior of an Aqueous Surfactant Solution
Ishiguro S.
- - -    13
New Characteristic Velocity and Length to Arrange the Circular Stagnation Mass Transfer
Maki H., Toyoda H., Nonaka J. and Hirano T.
- - -    21
Scaling Law in Electronic Tunnelling Phenomena
Kodama Y. and Maekawa T.
- - -    29
Physical Chemistry of Clathrate Hydrates - an Overview and State-of-the-Art Review of Fundamental Studies Contributing to Energy and Environmental Technology
Ohmura R. and Mori Y.H.
- - -    35

(1999, Vol. 7, No. 1)

Constructal Theory:Natural Flow Structure as the Result of Thermodynamic Optimization
Bejan A.
- - -    1
Effect of Mass Diffusion on Pool Boiling and Flow Boiling Heat Transfer with Binary Mixtures
Kandlikar S.G.
- - -    11
Formulation for Multi-phase / Multi-component Flow Analysis
Utsumi T. and Fujii S.
- - -    21
Molecular Deposition and Thermoelectric Evaluation of Bismuth Telluride Films
Miyazaki K. and Inoue T.
- - -    31
Turbulent Characteristics and Heat Transfer Augmentation of Drag Reduceing Surfactant Solution Flow
Sato K., Mimatsu J. and Kumada M.
- - -    41
Intermolecular Energy Transfer Characteristics of Simple Liquid in Heat Conduction
Ohara T.
- - -    53
A Study on Thermal Resistance over a Solid-Liquid Interface by the Molecular Dynamics Method
Maruyama S. and Kimura T.
- - -    63