Thermal Science and Engineering


Table of contents

Volume 8 (2000) (Number 1 / Number2 / Number 3 / Number 4/ Number 5 / Number 6)

(2000, Vol. 8, No. 6)

Mechanism of Gas Absorption Enhancement by utilizing Condensation Process and Mist Formation
Matsuda, O., Kohigashi, H. and Takimoto, A.
- - -    1
Interaction of H2 Molecule with Nanoporous Surface: Translational Motion
Zolotoukhina, T. N.
- - -    11
Permeability Model of Two-dimensional Periodic Porous Media Considering Network Structure
Okamoto, I. and Hirai, S.
- - -    23
Boiling and Evaporation from a Superhydrophilic Surface
Takata, Y., Hidaka, S., Cao, J.M., Tanaka, K., Masuda, M., Ito, T., Wat
- - -    33
Heat Transfer Performance of a Plastic Heat Exchanger with Wet Flue Gas
Jia, L., Peng, X.F. and Christopher, D.M.
- - -    43
Application of the Three Dimensional Thermo Fluid Analysis to the Design of a Large Scale Electric Motor
Biswas, D., Ishizuka, M., Peng, G. and Hayama, S.
- - -    49

(2000, Vol. 8, No. 5)

Lateral Growth Rates of CO2 Clathrate-hydrate Film
Hirai, S., Tabe, Y., Kamijo, S. and Okazaki, K.
- - -    1
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nucleation of Liquid Droplet on Solid Surface
Kimura, T. and Maruyama, S.
- - -    7
Bi-directional Micorpump with Flow Rectification Mechanism Based on Temperature Dependence of Liquid Viscosity
Matsumoto, S., Klein, A. and Maeda, R.
- - -    15
Study on Heat Transport and Flow of an Osmotic Heat Pipe with Two-Phase Solution Loop
Ippohshi, S. and Imura, H.
- - -    25
A Model for Hydrogen Thermal Conductivity and Viscosity Including The Critical Point
Wagner, H. A., Tunc, G. and Bayazitoglu, Y.
- - -    35

(2000, Vol. 8, No. 4)

A Review of Elementary Processes of Evaporation and Boiling Phenomena in Uniform Temperature Field
Nishio, S.
- - -    1
Thermomechanical Modeling of Thin Film Shape Memory Alloy Devices
Lavine, A. S. and Carman, G. P.
- - -    13
Discussion on Modeling for Turbulence Modification by Solid Particles
Sato, Y. and Hisida, K.
- - -    25
Heat and Mass Transfer in a Honeycomb Adsorbent Column
Fukagawa, M., Yamada, A., Yoshida, S. and Mori, H.
- - -    37
A New Concept of Correlation for Turbulent Convection
Churchill, S. W., Shinoda, M. and Arai, N.
- - -    49

(2000, Vol. 8, No. 3)

Numerical Simulation of Oxide Melt Flow in a Crucible with a Constant Temperature Side Wall
Jing, C. J., Yasuhiro, S., Suenaga, H., Sato, T. and Imaishi, N.
- - -    1
The Development of a Sequential Function Approximation Solution to the Radiative Transfer Equation
Thomson, D. L., Meade, Jr. A. J. and Bayazitoglu, Y.
- - -    9
Intermolecular Energy Transfer in the Solid-Liquid Interface Region
Suzuki, D. and Ohara, T.
- - -    19
Distribution of Coherent Fine Scale Eddies and Turbulent Heat Transfer in Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence
Tanahashi, M., Iwase, S., Uddin, A.M., Takata, N. and Miyauchi, T.
- - -    29
Induction of Boiling on Heated Wall by Impingement of Boiling Bubbles Rapidly Generated on a Wire Close to the Wall
Okukyama, K. and Iida, Y.
- - -    39

(2000, Vol. 8, No. 2)

Innovation, Discovery and Advances in Heat Transfer
Churchill, S. W.
- - -    1
Water Evaporation on a Nanoporous Cylinder Surface in Forced Airflows(Effects of Baking Temperature of Unglazed Pottery Cylinder)
Hara, S.
- - -    2
Experimental Study of the Rheological and Heat Transfer Behavior of an Aqueous Surfactant Solution (2nd Report- Laminar Heat Transfer Study)
Ishiguro, S.
- - -    29
Study on Boiling Heat Transfer of Low Pressure Water in Low Heat Flux Region
Matuo, T., Yamada, A. and Fukagawa, M.
- - -    39
Hysteretic Phenomena of Combined Forced and Natural Convection around a Heated Cylinder in Crossflow
Prabowo, Suzuki, H. and Kikuchi, Y.
- - -    47

(2000, Vol. 8, No. 1)

Molecular Dynamics Study of Water and Cation Transport through Nafion Membrane for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell
Jinnouchi R. and Okazaki K.
- - -    1
Heat Transfer Characteristics of an Orifice Jet
Hiwada M. and Shimizu M.
- - -    11
Natural Convection Air Cooling Characteristics of Plate Fins in a Ventilated Electronic Cabinet
Iwasaki H. and Ishizuka M.
- - -    19
System Investigations on Simultaneous NOx Reduction and Desulfurization in O2/CO2 Pulverized Coal Combustion
Liu H., Katagiri S., Kaneko U. and Okazaki K.
- - -    27
Application of Thermal Analysis to Actual Design of Portable Computer
Yokono Y., Hisano K. and Ishizuka M.
- - -    39
A Feasibility Study on Deployment of Hydrogen Energy Carrier to Realize a Comprehensive Energy System for Building Facilities
Masuda M. and Kozawa Y.
- - -    47