Thermal Science and Engineering


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Volume 10 (2002) (Number 1 / Number2 / Number 3 / Number 4/ Number 5 / Number 6)

(2002, Vol. 10, No. 6)

Special Issue  Thermophysical Problems of Wetting in Heat Transfer with Phase-Change
Letter from the Editor
Ozawa, M.
- - -    1
On the Role of Wetting in Vaporization and Condensation Heat Transfer
Carey, V.P.
- - -    3
Wettability  - Methods of Evaluation and Importance in Thermal-Fluid Phenomena -
Shoji, M.
- - -    11
The Boiling Inception Mechanism and the Role of Wetting and Presuppression
Mizukami, K.
- - -    15
Molecular Scale Aspects of Liquid Contact on a Solid Surface
Maruyama, S., Kimura, T. and Lu, M.C.
- - -     23
Photo-induced Hydrophilicity and Its Applications to Phase Change Phenomena
Takata, Y.
- - -     31
Development of High-performance Space Cold Plate by Improved Liquid Supply for Flow Boiling in Narrow Gaps
Ohta, H., Shinmoto, Y., Ohno, T. and Okamoto, A.
- - -    39

(2002, Vol. 10, No. 5)

Molecular Dynamics Derivation of Thermo-Fluid-Dynamics Equations        3. Equation of Continuity
Kotake, S.
- - -    1
Effect of Surface Microstructure on Boiling Heat Transfer from Silicon Chips Immersed in FC-72
Honda, H., Wei, J. J. and Takamatsu, H.
- - -    9
Air Cooling of an Electronic Chip Module – Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis
Fujii, M., Behnia, M., Zhang, X., Gima, S. and Yoshino, H.
- - -    19
Modeling and Analysis of Heat Driven Forced Convection Cooling
Yazawa, K., Solbrekken, G. L. and Bar-Cohen, A.
- - -    29

(2002, Vol. 10, No. 4)

Report on the 39th Heat Transfer Symposium of Japan
Kudo, K.
- - -     1
<Special issue for extended abstracts of papers presented at NHTSJ>
Effect of Orifice Configuration on Heat Transfer Characteristics of an Impinging Jet
Inaguma, Y., Hiwada, M., Mimatsu, J., Hirose, N., Oyakawa, K. and Tanaka, K.
- - -     3
Similarity between Heat and Momentum Transfer in Turbulent Flow
Katoh, K. and Azuma, T.
- - -     5
Heat Transfer and Friction Characteristics in Turbulent Rhombic Duct Flows
Fukushima, N. and Kasagi, N.
- - -     7
Thermophotovoltaic Power Generation by Super-Adiabatic Combustion in Porous Quartz
Hanamura, K. and Kumano, T.
- - -    9
Numerical Simulation of Thermal Contact Resistance -A New Calculation Method in Cylindrical Coordinates-
Zhang, X., Cong, P., Fujiwara, S. and Fujii, M.
- - -    11
Heat Transfer Characteristics in Flat Plate Micro Heat Pipe
Katsuta, M., Homma, Y., Hosoya, N., Shindo, T., Sotani, J., Kimura, Y. and Nakamura, Y.
- - -    13
Proposal and Heat Transfer Performances of Fibrous Media Regenerator
Maruyama, S., Kakio, T. and Sakai, S.
- - -     15
Conditions for Reducing Frost on Air Pre-Cooler with LNG Cold
Chikahisa, T., Kawakami, K., Hishinuma, Y., Hisazumi, Y. and Ikeda, K.
- - -     17
Micropump Using Boiling Propagation Phenomena
Okuyama, K., Takehara, R., Kim, J.H. and Iida, Y.
- - -     19
Estimation of Two-Dimensional Surface Temperature and Heat Flux During Quenching of Hot Cylindrical Block
Hammad, J., Monde, M., Mitsutake, Y. and Arima, H.
- - -     21
Study on the Behavior of a Wetted Area Right after Liquid-Wall Contact in Pool Film Boiling (The examination of mechanisms of wet appearance and its suppression)
Ohtake, H., Murakami, A. and Koizumi, Y.
- - -    23
Effect of Non-Condensible Gas on Critical Heat Flux and Fluid Behavior in Subcooled Pool Boiling
Haramura, Y.
- - -    25
Critical Heat Flux on a Horizontal Plate in Saturated Pool Boiling at High Pressures
Sakashita, H. and Hama, Y.
- - -    27
Trigger Mechanism for Critical Heat Flux in Subcooled Pool Boiling at High Pressures
Sakashita, H.
- - -    29
Increase in Hydrophilicity by Plasma Irradiation and Evaporation of Water Drop
Hidaka, S., Yamasita, A., Yamamoto, H., Takata, Y. and Ito, T.
- - -    31
Prediction of Dryout Heat Flux Using Film Flow Model
Okawa, T., Kim, S., Kataoka, I. And Naitoh, M.
- - -    33
Estimation of Gas and Liquid Flow Rates in Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow
Mori, K., Ono, T., Nishimura, M. and Matsuda, H.
- - -    35
Mechanism of Radial Liquid Transport of Two Phase Flow in a Curved Tube
Watanabe, O. and Niimura, T.
- - -    37
Crystal Growth of an InAs–GaAs Binary Semiconductor by the Travelling Liquidus Zone Method
Sugiki, Y., Maekawa, T. and Matsumoto, S.
- - -    39
Effect of External Force on Small Transient Diffusion Fields
Komiya, A. and Maruyama, S.
- - -    41
Verification of Reduced Kinetic Mechanism by Hydrogen-air Non-premixed Flame Formed in Shear Layer
Choi, G.M., Tanahashi, M. Li, Y. and Miyauchi, T.
- - -    43
Development and Heat Transfer Analysis of Artificial Muscle Using Thermoelectric Actuator
Ibuki, R., Maruyama, S., Sakai, S., Behnia, M. and Tsuda, O.
- - -    45
Numerical Simulation of a Carbon Black Reactor Model
Matsubara, K., Saitoh, M., Kobayashi, M. and Nishiwaki, K.
- - -    47
Optimization of the Mechanical Booster Pump in a Hybrid Adsorption Heat Pump
Sugiyama, Y., Fujisawa, R., Watanabe, F., Kobayasi, N., Hasatani, M., Kanamori, M.
and Hiramatu, M.
- - -    49
Heat Transfer Analysis about Heating-Cooling Truck Container
Tsuzuki, Y., Akiyama, M., Ninomiya, N., Sugiyama, H., Urai, I. and Usui, Y.
- - -    51
Non-Uniformity of Heat Transfer in an Ice Thermal Storage Capsule Pack
Ogawa, K., Naruse, S. and Goto, H.
- - -    53
Chaotic Behaviors of Forced Convection in Porous Media
Shitami, M., Masuoka, T. and Takatsu, Y.
- - -    55
Numerical Study on the Performance of a Tubular-type SOFC and the Effect of Fuel Gas Composition
Nishino, T., Komori, H., Li, P.W. and Suzuki, K.
- - -    57
Measurement of water distribution in polymer electrolyte fuel cell membrane by MRI
Teranishi, K., Tsushima, S. and Hirai, S.
- - -    59
Distillation under Decompressed Condition for Development of Multi-effect Solar Still
Yamaguchi, Y. and Sato, H.
- - -    61
A maritime lifesaving solar distiller
Fukui, K., Nosoko, T., Tanaka, H. and Nagata, T.
- - -    63

(2002, Vol. 10, No. 3)

Assessment of Surface Wettability and Its Relation to Boiling Phenomena
Nagai,N. and Carey, V.P.
- - -    1
On the Inception of Boiling and Its Delay on a Rapidly Heated Surface
Okuyama, K. and Iida, Y.
- - -     11
Two Dimensional FEM Model to Investigate the Effect of Distal Blood Flow on the Human Finger
He, Y., Shirazaki, M. and Himeno, R.
- - -    19
Performance and Self-Starting of a PEFC at Temperatures below Freezing
Kagami, F., Hishinuma, Y. and Chikahisa, T.
- - -    25
Efficient Process to Prevent Warpage of Polymeric Products Assisted by Near-infrared Radiation
Sato, K., Saito, T. and Kurosaki, Y.
- - -    35
Molecular Dynamics Derivation of Thermo-Fluid-Dynamics Equations  2.Equations of Energy
Kotake S.
- - -     43

(2002, Vol. 10, No. 2)

An Appraisal of Experimental, Predictive and Correlative Contributions to Fully Developed Turbulent Flow in a Round Tube
Churchill, S.W., Shinoda, M. and Arai, N.
- - -    1
Determination of Surface Temperature and Heat Flux Using Inverse Solution for Two Dimensional Heat Conduction
Hammad, J., Monde, M., Mitsutake, Y. and Arima, H.
- - -    17
Estimation of Surface Temperature and Heat Flux Using Inverse Solution for One Dimensional Heat Conduction
Arima, H., Monde, M. and Mitsutake, Y.
- - -     27
Numerical Investigation for Radiative Characteristics of a Scale of Morpho Butterfly
Yamada, J. and Iida, H.
- - -    39
Molecular Dynamics Derivation of Thermo-Fluid-Dynamics Equations   1. Equations of Motion
Kotake S.
- - -     47

(2002, Vol. 10, No. 1)

Spectroscopic Investigation on Infrared Radiation Characteristics of Pulverized Coal Ash Deposits for Thermal Engineering Applications
Vucicevic, B., Saljnikov, A., Wakabayashi, H. and Makino, T.
- - -     1
DSMC Analysis of Interface Mass Transfer in Evaporation/Condensation Based on Molecular Dynamics Study
Tsuruta, T. and Nagayama, G.
- - -    9
Numerical Analysis of Flow and Mass Transfer in a Falling Liquid Film with Interfacial Waves
Nagasaki, T., Akiyama, H. and Nakagawa, H.
- - -    17
Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Heat Transfer in the Stably Stratified Ekman Layer
Shingai, K. and Kawamura, H.
- - -     25
Predictions of Pipe Flow Heat Transfer Including Transitional Regime with Reynolds Stress and Heat Flux Equation Turbulence Models
Nishimura M.
- - -    35