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Volume 14 (2006)
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(2006, Vol. 14, No. 4)

(Single-walled Carbon Nanotube Generation by Laser-heated ACCVD Method)
千足昇平,村上陽一,宮内雄平,エイナルソンエリック,丸山茂夫 (Chiashi, S., Murakami, Y., Miyauchi, Y., Einarsson, E. and Maruyama, S.) (pdfファイル)
- - -   61
(Rarefaction Waves at the Outlet of the Supersonic Two-phase Flow Nozzle)
中川勝文,宮碕博規,原田敦史 (Nakagawa, M., Miyazaki, H. and Harada, A.) (pdfファイル)
- - -   67
(Synthesis of Silicon Nanocrystals in Microplasma Reactor)
野崎智洋,佐々木健二,荻野智久,朝日大介,岡崎健 (Nozaki, T., Sasaki, K., Ogino, T., Asahi, D. and Okazaki, K.) (pdfファイル)
- - -   75
(Stability of Vapor Film in Subcooled Film Boiling on a Sphere)
本田博司,眞喜志治,山城光 (Honda, H., Makishi, O. and Yamashiro, H.) (pdfファイル)
- - -   83
(Study on Natural Convection Cooling of Electronic Equipment (Effects of Wall Clearance))
西野泰史,中川慎二,今井亮児,石塚勝 (Nishino, Y., Nakagawa, S., Imai, R. and Ishizuka, M.) (pdfファイル)
- - -   95
縦板上凝縮熱伝達の促進(離散伝熱面におけるフィン厚みの影響)(Enhancement of Condensation on a Vertical Plate (Effect of Fin Thickness on Dispersed Finned Surface))
儲仁才,畠中勉,西尾茂文 (Chu, R., Hatanaka, T. and Nishio, S.) (pdfファイル)
- - -   105
Convection of Paramagnetic Fluid in a Cube Heated and Cooled from Side Walls and Placed below a Superconducting Magnet - Comparison between Experiment and Numerical Computations-
Bednarz, T., Fornalik, E., Tagawa, T., Ozoe, H. and Szmyd, J.S. (pdfファイル)
- - -   109
(Cell Metabolism Monitoring with MEMS Sensor)
中別府修,坂寄純一 (Nakabeppu, O. and Sakayori, J.) (pdfファイル)
- - -   119
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(2006, Vol. 14, No. 3)

Laminar Natural Convection Heat Transfer in an Air Filled Square Cavity with Two Insulated Baffles Attached to its Horizontal Walls
Ambarita, H., Kishinami, K., Daimaruya, M., Saitoh, T.,Takahashi, H.
and Suzuki, J. (pdfファイル)
- - -   35
Production and Applications of Vertically Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Einarsson, E., Murakami, Y.,Kadowaki, M. Duog, H. M.,Inoue, M. and
Maruyama, S. (pdfファイル)
- - -   47
(Simulation of Multi-Scale Free Surfaces within Gas-Liquid flows using Combined Particle and Grid Methods)
石井英二,石川亨,田辺好之 (Ishii, E., Ishikawa, T. and Tanabe, Y.) (pdfファイル)
- - -   51
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(2006, Vol. 14, No. 2)

(Control of Oscillatory Thermocapillary Convection in a Half-Zone Liquid Bridgeby Circumferential Round Heating)
工藤正樹,河村 洋 (Kudo, M. and Kawamura, H.) (pdfファイル)
- - -    19
(Advanced Thermoelectric Cooling Method Utilizing Dissimilar Electrode Metals)
大場正和,竹村文男,矢部 彰 (Oba, M., Takemura, F. and Yabe, A.) (pdfファイル)
- - -   27
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(2006, Vol. 14, No. 1)

Reaction rate of Ti0.18Zr0.84Cr1.0Fe0.7Mn0.3Cu0.057 to use for the heat driven type compact metal hydride refrigerator
Bae, S. and Katsuta, M. (pdfファイル)
- - -    1
(Development of High Performance Cooling Modules in Notebook PC's)
棚橋 高成 (Tanahashi, K.) (pdfファイル)
- - -     9
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