The Nukiyama Memorial Award

Dr. Shiro Nukiyama and the Nukiyama Memorial Award 

The Nukiyama Memorial Award has been established by the Heat Transfer Society of Japan to commemorate outstanding contributions by Shiro Nukiyama as an excellent heat transfer scientist. Nukiyama addressed the challenges of the boiling phenomena and published a pioneering paper which clarified these phenomena in the form of the Nukiyama curve (boiling curve). This epoch-making work was done in 1930s, when heat transfer research was in an early stage and Nukiyama himself was young, under forty years old. The Nukiyama Memorial Award shall be bestowed to a scientist under/ about fifty years of age, once every two years in the field of Thermal Science and Engineering.


Toshiro Takeyama: In Memoriam Professor Shiro Nukiyama, Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer, 27, 7, p. 953, 1984. [PDF]

Shiro Nukiyama: Memories of My Research on Boiling, Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer, 27, 7, pp. 955-957, 1984. [PDF]

Shiro Nukiyama: The Maximum and Minimum Values of the Heat Q Transmitted from Metal to Boiling Water under Atmospheric
Pressure, Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer, 27, 7, pp. 959-970, 1984 (also available 9, 12,pp.1419-1933, 1966). [PDF]
(by courtesy of Elsevier: reproduction prohibited)

Award Recipients

Prof. Ruzhu Wang

The fourth recipient (2018)
[see the detail in PDF]

Prof. Mamoru Tanahashi

The third recipient (2016)
[see the detail in PDF]

Prof. Gang Chen

The second recipient (2014)
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[Memorial lecture (TSE, Vol. 22 No. 4, 2014)]

Prof. Peter Stephan

The first recipient (2012)
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[Memorial lecture (TSE, Vol. 21 No. 2, 2013)]

Board of the Nukiyama Memorial Award (2018)

Chairperson: Ken Okazaki (Institute Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Vice-Chairperson: Shigenao Maruyama (President, National Institute of Technology, Hachinohe College, Japan)
Peter Stephan (Professor, Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany)
Xing Zhang (Professor, Tsinghua University, China)
Yasuyuki Takata (Professor, Kyushu University, Japan)
John Richard Thome (Professor, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)
John H. Lienhard V (Professsor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)