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Volume 13, Number 1-5 (2005)

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Volume 13 (2005)
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(2005, Vol. 13, No. 5)

Simplified Flow Instability Analysis of a Natural Circulation System with Parallel Boiling Channels
Hirayama, M., Umekawa, H. and Ozawa, M.
– – –    1
Reduction of Active Nucleation Site Density under Gamma Ray Irradiation
Imai, Y., Okamoto, K., Madarame, H. and Takamasa, T.
– – –     17
Electro-thermal Analysis of Interaction Between n-type and p-type MOSFET in Si CMOS
Hatakeyama, T., Fushinobu, K. and Okazaki, K.
– – –     25
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(2005, Vol. 13, No. 4)

Report on the 42nd Heat Transfer Symposium of Japan
Miura, T.
– – –    1
Adjoint Analysis of Heat and Fluid Flow Toward Optimal Shape Design of Recuperators
Morimoto, K., Suzuki, Y. and Kasagi, N.
– – –     3
Performance of Supercooled Thermal Energy Storage Unit with Practical Dimensions
Hirano, S. and Saitoh, T. S.
– – –     5
Stability Limits of Swiss-roll Micro Combustors
Kim, N. I., Kato, S., Yokomori, T., Kataoka, T., Maruyama, S., Fujimori, T. and Maruta, K.
– – –     7
Study on Flooding and Surface Waves of Falling Film in a Vertical Tube
Koizumi, Y., Ohtake, H., Enari, R. and Miyashita, T.
– – –     9
Measurement of Liquid-Vapor Structure using Micro-Sensors at High Heat Flux in Subcooled Pool Boiling
Koizumi, Y., Ohtake, H., Enari, R. and Miyashita, T.
– – –     9
Study on Flooding and Surface Waves of Falling Film in a Vertical Tube
Ono, A. and Sakashita, H.
– – –     11
Experimental Study on Effect of the Material Thermophysical Properties upon Quench Point in Transient Film Boiling around a Vertical Cylinder
Momoki, S., Koutoku, K., Shigechi, T., Yamada, T., Yamaguchi, T. and Kanemaru, K.
– – –     13
Boiling Heat Transfer on the Oxide Metal under Gamma Ray Irradiating Condition
Imai, Y., Okamoto, K., Madarame, H. and Takamasa, T.
– – –     15
Dynamic Measurement of Surface Properties of Polymer Solutions Using Ripplon (2nd Report, Measurement of Surface Viscoelasticity)
Sugahara, Y., Wakizawa, A. and Nagasaka, Y.
– – –     17
Optical Absorption Properties of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Murakami, Y., Einarsson, E., Edamura, T. and Maruyama, S.
– – –     19
Transport Phenomena in Nanofluidic Channels
Daiguji, H., Oka, Y. and Shirono, K.
– – –     21
PAH and Fullerene Formation from Combustion Process of Aromatic Hydrocarbon Fuel
Shibahara, M., Katsuki, M. and Takada, H.
– – –     23
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Micro-Droplet Motion on Solid Surface Induced by Temperature Gradient
Murata, A. and Mochizuki, S.
– – –     25
Numerical Experiments on Heat Transfer Characteristics in a Cavity Swept by Visco-Elastic Fluid
Yamada, S., Suzuki, H. and Usui, H.
– – –     27
Turbulent Mixing Measurement in a Counter-Type Mixing Flow
Nakayama, H., Hirota, M. and Koide, S.
– – –     29
Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer around a Rectangular Cylinder (The Case of a Width/Height Ratio of a Section of 5-9)
Igarashi, T., Mayumi, Y. and Nakamura, H.
– – –     31
Behavior of Hydrothermal Wave near a Hot Wall in a Thin Liquid Layer
Hoshino, Y. and Kawamura, H.
– – –     33
Numerical Simulation of Flows in Cylindrical Containers with Stable Temperature Gradient
Okai, H. and Iwatsu, R.
– – –     35
Numerical Study of SOFC Based on Electrolyte with Mixed Ionic and Electronic Conductivity
Iwai, H., Ishikawa, T. and Yoshida, H.
– – –     37
Reaction Kinetic Modeling of Cell Damage and Death due to Hypertonic Electrolyte Solution
Ishiguro, H. and Fukuda, K.
– – –     39
Study on Heat Transport Mechanism in Pulsating Heat Pipes
Nagasaki, T., Ito, Y. and Ishikawa, T.
– – –     41
Experiments on Single Phase Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in a Spiral Capillary Tube
Koyama, S., Muraoka, T., Miura, T. and Kuwahara, K.
– – –     43
The Micro/Nano Structure of Catalyst Layers and Cell Performance in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells
Chisaka, M. and Daiguji, H.
– – –     45
Development of Snow-Melting System Using Geothermal Energy (Application to Frigid Region Sapporo)
Igarashi, S., Takeuchi, M., Nagai, N. and Miyamoto, S.
– – –     47
Coupled Thermal-Electrical Simulations on Thermoelectric Power Generation Using Rectangular-Fin Elements
Oda, Y. and Yoshida, H.
– – –     49
Study on Micro-Grooved Plate Evaporator
Suehisa, Y., Shikazono, N., Kasagi, N. and Iwata, H.
– – –     51
Development of Wearable Micro Cooler
Kudo, K., Kuroda, A., Tanaka, H. and Murakami, D.
– – –     53
Study on the Proton Transport Phenomenon in a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane by the MRI Measurement of the 1H/2D Replace during Operation Mode
Teranishi, K., Tsushima, S., Nishida, K. and Hirai, S.
– – –     55
Desorption Characteristics of Spherical Sorbent Particles in a Vacuum Condition
Inaba, H., Horibe, A., Haruki, N. and Hojo, A.
– – –     57
Experimental Study of Vapor Explosion with Molten Glass and Water Takashima, T. and Inaba, T. – – –     59
Critical Heat Flux of Counter-Current Two-Phase Flow of Water and Steam in Vertical-Narrow-Annular Flow Passages
Koizumi, Y., Iwasaki, N. and Ohtake, H.
– – –     61
Enhancement of Condensation Heat Transfer on a Vertical Plate (Effect of Size on a Dispersed Finned Surface)
Chu, R., Hatanaka, T. and Nishio, S.
– – –     63
Structure of Microlayer and Heat Transfer Characteristics in Mini-Channel Vapor Generator
Utaka, Y., Tasaki, Y. and Okuda, S.
– – –     65
Development of Nanoscale Thermal Properties Measurement Technique by using the Near-field Optics (5th report, Measurement of Thermophysical Properties with 500nm Spatial Resolution)
Horiguchi, Y., Ishikawa, K., Taguchi, Y., Saiki, T. and Nagasaka, Y.
– – –     67
Design of Wireless Multi-channel Measurement System
Tachikawa, S., Ohnishi, A., Nagano, H., Katsuki, S., Tanaka, T. and Saitoh, Y.
– – –     69
Temperature Measurements of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes by Raman Scattering
Chiashi, S., Murakami, Y., Miyauchi, Y. and Maruyama, S.
– – –     71
Oxidation Dynamics of Si(100) Surface with O2 Molecular Beam
Kinefuchi, I., Ito, A., Yamaguchi, H., Sakiyama, Y. and Matsumoto, Y.
– – –     73
Effect of Ambient Gas on Contact Angle of Water Droplet
Hazuku, T., Hayashi, T., Hirose, Y. and Takamasa, T.
– – –     75
Behavior of Formation and Departure of Two-dimensional Bubbles Ishikawa, K., Shoji, M., Watanabe, M. and Maruyama, S.
– – –     77
Characteristics of Two-Phase Ejector in Carbon Dioxide Heat Pump Cycle
Akagi, S., Wang, J. F. and Hihara, E.
– – –     79
DNS of Turbulent Heat Transfer in Plane Couette Flow with Emphasis on the Large-Scale Structure
Tsukahara, T., Hane, S. and Kawamura, H.
– – –     81
Spectral Control of Radiant Energy Emitted from Real Surface through Piling Double-Layer Coated Filters
Kumano, T. and Hanamura, K.
– – –     83
Development of Non-destructive Sensing Technique for Remaining Fluorocarbon in Insulations by Photothermal Radiometry (2nd Report)
Mizumoto, T., Ando, H. and Nagasaka, Y.
– – –     85
A Study on Adhesion Behavior of Heated Beads Pressed onto Polymer Materials
Shima, K., Satoh, I., Saito, T. and Kawaguchi, T.
– – –     87
Non-Fourier Heat Conduction of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Shiomi, J. and Maruyama, S.
– – –     89
Characteristics of Energy and Momentum Transfer at the Solid-Liquid Interfaces of an Ultra-Thin Liquid Water Film Sheared between Solid Surfaces
Torii, D. and Ohara, T.
– – –     91
Boiling Heat Transfer of Carbon Dioxide in a Horizontal Tubes
Yamada, T., Haraguchi, N., Hihara, E. and Wang, J. F.
– – –     93
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(2005, Vol. 13, No. 3)

Effect of Methanol and Acetone Addition on Heat Transfer to Turbulent Flow of Supercritical Water
Matsumura, Y., Mori, N. and Kikuchi, Y.
– – –    1
Numerical Simulation of Effect of Wall in a Basic Pulse-Tube Refrigerator
Abe, Y.
– – –     7
Thermal Intumescent Characteristics of Heated Sodium Silicate (Effect of SiO2/Na2O on Thermal Intumescent Characteristics)
Takeshi OTAKA and Yutaka ASAKO
– – –     19
Experimental Study on Natural Convection and Heat Transfer in an Inclined Rectangular Enclosure
Ryuhei KAJI and Mamoru OZAWA
– – –     27
The Interaction of Reactions and Transport: Gas-Phase Reactions in Round Tubes
Thermoelectric Actuator
Churchill, S. W. and Ozoe, H.
– – –     37
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(2005, Vol. 13, No. 2)

-Second Special Issue of the First International Forum on Heat Transfer-
The Role of Heat & Mass Transfer in Nanotechnology
-From the Viewpoint of Manufacturing-
Yabe, A.
– – –    1
Gas Phase Synthesis of Nanoparticles and Their Growth Control
Choi, M.
– – –    7
Spectral Emission Characteristics of a High-Temperature Alumina-Based Emitter for TPV
Kumano, T. and Hanamura, K.
– – –    13
Flow Characteristics in a Counter-Flow Type T-junction
Nakayama, H., Hirota, M., Shinoda, K. and Koide, S. br> – – –    17
Effects of Solid Heating Surfaces on Nanometer-Sized Liquid Films
Ji, C., Tsuruta, T. and Nagayama, G. br> – – –    25
Thermal Conductance of Multiple Vacuum/Plate Layer
Yoon, I.S. and Song, T.H. br> – – –    29
Study of Ice-Layer Exfoliation by Gas Bubbles Generated by Electrolysis
Miyatani, S., Otani, S., Hishida, M. and Tanaka, G.
– – –    33
Unsteady-State Numerical Analysis of Spot Friction Stir Welding by Spreadsheet of Excel
Tomimura, T., Hirasawa, S., Haneda, M., Hirano, S. and Aota, K.
– – –    39
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(2005, Vol. 13, No. 1)

The First International Forum on Heat Transfer
Maruyama, S.
– – –    1
Micro-Nano Electro Mechanical Systems
Esashi, M., Ono, T. and Tanaka, S.
– – –    3
Nanoscale Heat Transfer and Extreme Effects
Volz, S., Domingues, G. and Greffet, J.J.
– – –    7
Flow and Thermal Behavior at Micro/Nano Scales
Liang, X.G., Guo, Z.Y. and Li, Z.X.
– – –    11
DNA Nanotechnology Based on Microsystems
Washizu, M.
– – –    19
Theoretical Study on Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Vapor Chamber
Koito, Y., Imura, H., Mochizuki, M., Saito, Y. and Torii, S.
– – –    23
Elucidation of Pressurization Effect on PEFC Performance Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Tsushima, S., Mibae, T., Teranishi, K. and Hirai, S.
– – –    31
Thermal Modeling with Transfer Function for the Transient Chip-On-Substrate Problem
Yazawa, K. and Ishizuka, M.
– – –    37
Development of Tube-Nested Combustor with Transpiration Air Supply
Matsumoto, R., Tsuda, M., Ishihara, I. and Ozawa, M.
– – –    41
Heat Transport Characteristics of Micro-Loop Heat Pipe with Capillary Pump Structure
Nakabeppu, O., Miyata, Y. and Hori, T.
– – –    47
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