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Volume 12, Number 1-6 (2004)

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Volume 12 (2004)
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(2004, Vol. 12, No. 6)

Effect of Entrance Condition on Frictional Losses and Transition to Turbulence in Conventional and Minichannel Flows
Campbell, L.A. and Kandlikar, S.G.
– – –    1
Experimental Study on Flow Boiling Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics of HFC134a in a Multi-Port Extruded Tube
Kuwahara, K., Koyama, S. and Kazari, K.
– – –     13
Microbubble Emission Boiling in a Microchannel and Minichannel
Tange, M., Yuasa, M., Takagi, S. and Shoji, M.
– – –     23
An Experimental Study of Heat-Transport Characteristics of Oscillatory Flow in a Minichannel
Suzuki, O.
– – –     31
Synthesis of Carbon Nanomaterials Using Methane/Air Premixed Flames
Suzuki, O.
– – –     31
An Experimental Study of Heat-Transport Characteristics of Oscillatory Flow in a Minichannel
Okuyama, M., Tomimura, T., Echigo, R., Satake, T. and Kikuchi, S.
– – –     37
Convective Heat Transfer from a Rotating Drum with Fin Array for the Permanent Magnet Type Eddy Current Retarder
Yoshida, K. and Tasaka, M.
– – –     45
Misprint in Thermal Science & Engineering Vol.12 No.5 (2004)
– – –     53
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(2004, Vol. 12, No. 5)

A Study of an Aerodynamic Sound Generated by Interaction between Vortices and a Body
Miyata, M. and Nagano, Y.
– – –    1
Characteristics of Bed-Material Behavior and Heat Transfer around Vertical Tube Banks in a Fluidized Bed
Furui, S., Umekawa, H., Tsuzuki, M., Ozawa, M. and Takenaka, N.
– – –     9
Development of Compact and Precise Design Approach for Multiple Heated Materials with Thermal Design Parameter Optimization
Nakanishi, T., Okamoto, K., Kotera, H. and Koyamada, K.
– – –     21
Heat Transfer Characteristics of Gaseous Flow in a Micro-tube
Asako, Y.
– – –     31
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(2004, Vol. 12, No. 4)

Report on the 41st Heat Transfer Symposium of Japan
Takegoshi, E.
– – –    1

-Special issue for extended abstracts of papers presented at NHTSJ-
[Conduction and Convection]
Heat Transfer from an Inflow-Type Swirling Impinging Jet
Ichimiya, K., Tamagawa, S., Tsukamoto, K. and Miyashita, H.
– – –     3
Impingement Heat Transfer of a Jet Disturbed by a Forced-Oscillating Circular Cylinder
Haneda, Y., Tsuchiya, Y., Kurasawa, H., Nakabe, K. and Suzuki, K.
– – –     5
Feedback Control of Heat Transfer by Impinging Planar Two Jets Array -Controller Tuning Based on Simultaneous Measurements of PIV/Heat Transfer-
Yamamoto, K. and Hishida, K.
– – –     7
On the Mechanism of Drag Reduction by Toms Effect
Kuroda, A., Suzuki, J. and Kudo, K.
– – –     9
LES of Three-Dimensional Separated Flow and Heat Transfer in a Symmetric Expansion Plane Channel
Sugawara, K., Yoshikawa, H. and Ota, T.
– – –     11
Evaluation of the Analytical Wall Function Model in a Separating, Reattaching and Redeveloping Turbulent Boundary Layer
Suga, K.
– – –     13
Heat Transfer Mechanism in Turbulent Thermal Boundary Layer Subjected to Adverse Pressure Gradient
Houra, T., Kawano, I. and Nagano, Y.
– – –     15
Drag Reduction due to the Polymer Aggregation and Its Break in Buffer Region
Oba, G. and Hagiwara, Y.
– – –     17
An Azimuthal Structure of a Reattachment Region in the Axisymmetric Sudden Expansion Flow
Furuichi, N., Aoyama, T. and Kumada, M.
– – –     19
Transition Phenomena on Marangoni Convection in Low Pr Number Liquid Bridge
Matsumoto, S., Hayashida, H., Yoda, S., Komiya, A., Natsui, H. and Imaishi, N.
– – –     21
Heat Transport of Near-Critical Carbon Dioxide in a Closed Loop Tube
Hayashi, H., Wang, J. and Hihara, E.
– – –     23
Spin-up from Rest in a Cylinder of an Electrically Conducting Fluid under an Axial Magnetic Field
Lee, C.H., Tagawa, T., Hyun, J.M. and Ozoe, H.
– – –     25
Forced Convection Heat Transfer of Pressurized He II. (3) Numerical Analysis
Okamura, T. and Shiotsu, M.
– – –     27
Three-Dimensional Structure of Natural Convection of Water near the Density Extremum within a Horizontal Annulus
Funawatashi, Y., Ohta, S. and Suzuki, T.
– – –     29
Study on Vortex Diffusion in Porous Media
Takatsu, Y. and Masuoka, T.
– – –     31
On Humidity Transport by Using Porous Media (Effect of Treatment and Property of Materials on Transport Performance)
Wang, S., Utaka, Y., Sakurai, A. and Tasaki, Y.
– – –     33
Experimental Investigation on Heat Transfer for Open-Cell Foam Metal
Kim, H.Y., Fujino, H., Shibata, Y. and Yoshioka, S.
– – –     35

[Phase Change and Multi-Phase Flow]
Boiling Characteristics of Salt Additive Droplet on a Hot Surface
Matsumura, K., Kaminaga, F. and Furuya, M.
– – –     37
The Possibility of Homogeneous Nucleation Boiling During Transient Liquid / Solid Contact in a Jet Impingement Quench Cooling System
Woodfield, P.L., Monde, M. and Mozumder, A.K.
– – –     39
Characteristics of Transient Heat Transfer on a Hot Surface during Cooling with Spray
Mitsutake, Y., Monde, M., Kojima, Y. and Mikami, A.
– – –     41
Numerical Analysis on Cavitation in a Cryogenic High-speed Flow
Ito, Y. and Nagasaki, T.
– – –     43
Temperature Measurements of Vicinities of Boiling Bubble Nuclei with MEMS Sensor
Nakabeppu, O. and Furukawa, Y.
– – –     45
Measurement of Micro-Layer Thickness in Boiling Process in a Micro-Channel Vapor Generator
Utaka, Y., Tasaki, Y. and Okuda, S.
– – –     47
Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition in Liquids
Nomura, S., Toyota, H., Mukasa, S., Kimura, M. and Kakimoto, H.
– – –     49
Development of Deodorization System in Room Air by Photocatalyst with Condensation Process
Takimoto, A., Tada, Y., Onishi, H. and Miyata, K.
– – –     51
Study on Super Cooling of Slurry Containing Phase Change Material
Kudo, K., Nakata, K., Kuroda, A. and Oguma, M.
– – –     53
Flashing Flow of LiBr Aqueous Solution in a Convergent-Divergent Nozzle (Flow characteristics in nozzle and photographic observations of droplet jet from nozzle exit)
Nakamura, S., Lee, Y., Dang, C. and Hihara, E.
– – –     55
Interfacial Structure of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow in Narrow Rectangular Channel
Sawai, T., Miyazaki, H., Kaji, M. and Matsui, G.
– – –     57
Behaviors of Formation and Coalescence of Two-Dimensional Bubbles
Kusuhara, M., Kamoshida, J., Watanabe, M. and Shoji, M.
– – –     59

[Micro and Nano Technology]
Ejection of Liquid Droplets into Immiscible Liquid from a Thermal Inkjet Nozzle
Okuyama, K., Kishikawa, S., Kunieda, H., Aramaki, K. and Iida, Y.
– – –     61
Study on Micro Pump using Boiling Bubbles in Microchannel
Koizumi, Y., Shimoju, N. and Ohtake, H.
– – –     63
Critical Heat Transport Rate of Micro SEMOS Heat Pipe
Nagata, S., Wang, S., Xu, J. and Nishio, S.
– – –     65
Cleaning Effect of Nano-Bubbles (1st Report: Minute Particle Contamination)
Morimatsu, T., Goto, M., Kohno, M. and Yabe, A.
– – –     67
Heat Transfer Enhancement by Nano- and Micro-Scale Porous Layers Formed on Surface: in Case of Air
Kunugi, T., Muko, K. and Shibahara, M.
– – –     69
Numerical Simulations of Boltzmann Equations for Heat Transfer at Microscopic Area
Arashi, T., Miyazaki, K. and Tsukamoto, H.
– – –     71
Development of 3-Dimensional 3-Component PIV Considering Scheimpflug Condition
Yokoyama, H., Ninomiya, N. and Sugiyama, H.
– – –     73
Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Nanopowder-Fluid Mixtures
Xie, H., Fujii, M. and Zhang, X.
– – –     75
A Growth Mechanism for Vertically Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Einarsson, E., Edamura, T., Murakami, Y., Igarashi, Y. and Maruyama, S.
– – –     77
Molecular Dynamics of Nucleation Process of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Shibuta, Y. and Maruyama, S.
– – –     79
A Study on Metallic Gas Diffusion Layer for PEFCs by Using Micromachining Technology
Takahashi, D., Fushinobu, K. and Okazaki, K.
– – –     81
A Molecular Dynamics Study of Transport of a Lipid Membrane
Sugii, T., Takagi, S. and Matsumoto, Y.
– – –     83
Molecular Simulation of Heat Conduction of Solid Si/SiO2 System
Matsumoto, M., Ito, Y., Wakabayashi, H. and Makino, T.
– – –     85
A Molecular Dynamics Study on the Interaction between the Electrolytes and Liquid-Vapor Interface
Kikugawa, G., Takagi, S. and Matsumoto, Y.
– – –     87

[Application and Energy System]
Improvement of Performance and Water Distribution in Membrane on Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell by High Pressure Operation
Mibae, T., Tsushima, S. and Hirai, S.
– – –     89
Study on Mass Transfer in a Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell by Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Teranishi, K., Tsushima, S. and Hirai, S.
– – –     91
Observation of Water Production and Temperature Distribution in PEM Fuel Cells
Ogawa, T., Nohara, N., Chikahisa, T. and Hishinuma, Y.
– – –     93
Investigation on Model of Alkaline Water Electrolysis (Measurement of Diameter of Departure Bubbles)
Nagai, N., Takeuchi, M., Sugiyama, K. and Furuta, T.
– – –     95
Development of Heat Supply Unit Using Phase Change Materials for the Neighboring Communities Co-Generation System
Asano, H., Fujii, T., Hisazumi, Y., Abiko, T. and Hori, T.
– – –     97
Mechanism of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Recuperators with Oblique Wavy Walls
Morimoto, K., Suzuki, Y. and Kasaki, N.
– – –     99
Enhancement of Condensation Heat Transfer on a Vertical Plate by Low-Fin (Prediction of Condensation on a Dispersed Surface)
Morimoto, K., Suzuki, Y. and Kasaki, N.
– – –     99
Mechanism of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Recuperators with Oblique Wavy Walls
Chu, R., Kadotani, K., Hatanaka, T., Sano, S. and Nishio, S.
– – –     101
Characteristics of Heat Transfer and Bed Material Movement around Vertical Tube in Fluidized Bed
Furui, S., Umekawa, H., Tsuzuki, M., Okura, M., Ozawa, M. and Takenaka, N.
– – –     103
Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics of a Heat Exchanger with Vortex Generators
Iwasaki, M., Kuboyama, K., Saito, H., Fujisawa, O., Mochizuki, S. and Murata, A.
– – –     105
Heat Transfer Enhancement of a Low-Profile Block in a Channel Flow at Low Air-Velocity
Nakamura, H. and Igarashi, T.
– – –     107
Channeled Wall Cooling Enhancement for Electronics
Yazawa, K.
– – –     109
Thermal Isues in Semiconductor Electronic Devices – Device Level Thermo-Electronic Modeling –
Fushinobu, K.
– – –     111
Parallel Tube Heat Transport Device with Phase Change
Moguchi, M., Onishi, T., Mochizuki, S. and Murata, A.
– – –     113
A Study on Heat Transport Characteristics of Oscillatory Flow
Hayashi, T. and Ikegawa, M.
– – –     115
Development of Snow-Melting System Using Geothermal Energy (Effect of Thermal Storage during Seasons by Multiple Piles)
Takeuchi, M., Nagai, N., Miyamoto, S., Osawa, Y. and Igarashi, S.
– – –     117
Local Flame Structure of H2/Air Turbulent Premixed Flames at Different Reynolds Number
Nada, Y., Tanahashi, M. and Miyauchi, T.
– – –     119
Emission and Efficiency of Small Swiss-Roll Combustors as Heat Sources
Kim, N.I., Kato, S., Fujimori, T., Kataoka, T., Yokomori, T., Maruta, K. and Maruyama, S.
– – –     121
Selective Dechlorination of Polyvinyl Chloride by Microwave Irradiation of PVC Fluidized Bed
Kobayashi, J., Hori, M., Hamada, A., Kobayashi, N., Hatano, S., Itaya, Y. and Mori, S.
– – –     123
Study on Radiation Transfer in Human Skin
Yamada, J., Kawamura, A., Miura, Y., Takata, S. and Ogawa, K.
– – –     125

Thermophysical Properties of Metal Films in a Nanometer Scale
Takahashi, F., Hamada, Y. and Hatta, I.
– – –     127
Dynamic Measurement Method Applicable to Wide Range of Viscosity by Laser-Induced Capillary Wave
Oba, T., Yabui, K. and Nagasaka, Y.
– – –     129
Development of Nanoscale Thermal Properties Measurement Technique using Near-field Optics (3rd report, A Preliminary Measurement using Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube)
Taguchi, Y., Kobayashi, M., Horiguchi, Y., Saiki, T. and Nagasaka, Y.
– – –     131
Flow Velocity Measurement in Rotating Cavities by using Particle Image Velocimetry
Saito, H., Murata, A. and Mochizuki, S.
– – –     133
Evaluation of Flow Structure in Pebble Packed Tube by PIV Visualization Experiment
Okumura, M., Yuki, K. and Hashizume, H.
– – –     135
PIV Measurement on a Wake Flow behind a Cylinder over Critical Reynolds Number
Tsushima, S., Muraoka, R. and Hirai, S.
– – –     137
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(2004, Vol. 12, No. 3)

Bubble Structures in High-Heat-Flux Subcooled Pool-Boiling
Nishio, S., Tanaka, H. and Asou, H.
– – –    1
About Self-Rewetting Fluids – Possibility as a New Working Fluid
Abe, Y.
– – –     9
Thermal Modeling and Experimental Verification of High-Frequency Inductors
Koizumi, K. and Ishizuka, M.
– – –     19
Development of Totally Implant Artificial Heart Muscle Using Thermoelectric Actuator
Ibuki, R., Maruyama, S., Sakai, S., Yambe, T. and Behnia, M.
– – –     27
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(2004, Vol. 12, No. 2)

Stack Temperature Distribution in an Acoustic-Resonance Tube
Ozawa, M. and Kawamoto, A.
– – –    1
Molecular Dynamics Study on Wave Equation of Solid
Iwaki, T.
– – –    19
Double Diffusive Natural Convection in a Horizontal Concentric Annulus Containing a Stratified Solution under Constant Heat Flux Rate from Inside
Pouresfandiary Cham, J., Hinata, S., Himeno, N., Kamakura, K. and Kushitani, N.
– – –    27
Surface Wettability Caused by Radiation Induced Surface Activation
Takamasa, T., Hazuku, T., Mishima, K., Okamoto, K., and Imai, Y.
– – –    41
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(2004, Vol. 12, No. 1)

Analysis of Ammonia Vapor Absorption into Ammonia Water Mixtures –Rate of Absorption Reaction-
Mahmoud, I., Ishida, K. and Monde, M.
– – –    1
Experimental Investigation of Knudsen Number Effects on Forced and Mixed Convection from Cylinder in Cross-Flow
Hemrle, J., Mochizuki, S. and Murata, A.
– – –    11
Characteristics of Heat Transfer and Wetting Front during Quenching by Jet Impingement
Hammad, J., Monde, M. and Mitsutake, Y.
– – –    19
Heat Transfer and Two-Dimensional Deformations in Locally Heated Liquid Film with Co-Current Gas Flow
Gatapova, E.Y., Marchuk, I.V. and Kabov, O.A.
– – –    27
Effect of Surface Wettability Caused by Radiation Induced Surface Activation on Leidenfrost Condition
Takamasa, T., Hazuku, T., Mishima, K., Okamoto, K., Imai, Y. and Furuya, M.
– – –    35
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