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Volume 11, Number 1-6 (2003)

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Volume 11 (2003)
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(2003, Vol. 11, No. 6)

<Special Issue: Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Micro and Mini Channel>
Molecular Dynamics with Multibody Potential
Kotake, S.
– – –     1
Flow Boiling Pressure Drop Modeling in a Minichannel
Brutin, D. and Tadrist, L.
– – –     7
Pressure Drop in a Capillary Tube in Boiling Two-Phase Flow
Kaminaga, F., Sumith, B. and Matsumura, K.
– – –    15
Effects of Liquid Properties on Pressure Drop of Two-Phase Gas-Liquid Flows through a Microchannel
Kawahara, A., Sadatomi, M., Okayama, K. and Kawaji, M.
– – –     25
A Comparison of Micro-PIV Experiments in a Mini-Channel to Numerical and Analytical Solutions
Newport, D.T., Curtin, D.M. and Davies, M.R.
– – –    35
Falling Films in Micro- and Minigrooves: Heat Transfer and Flow Stability
Gambaryan-Roisman, T. and Stephan, P.
– – –    43
Characteristics of Water Flow through a Mini Tube
Wang, X., Watanabe, M. and Shoji, M.
– – –     51
Analogy between Heat Transfer and Fluid Friction of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow in Minichannel
Kaji, M., Sawai, T. and Mori, K.
– – –    59
Flow Boiling Heat Transfer of R-22 in Small-Diameter Horizontal Round Tubes
Park, K.S., Choo, W.H. and Bang, K.H.
– – –     67
Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop for Flow Boiling of Water in Narrow Vertical Rectangular Channels
Shuai, J., Kulennovic, R. and Groll, M.
– – –     73
Water Single-Phase Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Capillary Tubes
Bucci, A., Celata, G.P., Cumo, M., Serra, E. and Zummo, G.
– – –     81
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(2003, Vol. 11, No. 5)

Reynolds Number Effects on Coherent Structures in a Round Jet
Suto, H., Matsubara, K., Kobayashi, M. and Hirose, Y.
– – –    1
Combustion Phenomenon of Hydrogen Micro Jet Diffusion Flames
Torii, S., Jung, B.K. and Yano, T.
– – –     11
Study on Mean Specific Heats of Thermal Insulations
Ohmura, T., Tsuboi, M., Onodera, M. and Tomimura, T.
– – –     19
Direct Numerical Simulation of the Turbulent Ekman Layer  with a Periodic Temperature Variation on the Ground Surface
Inoue, S. and Kawamura, H.
– – –     27

<Special issue for extended abstracts of papers presented at NHTSJ>
(additional to Vol.11, No.4, 2003)
Membrane Thickness Effect on PEFC’s Performance by Measurement of Water Distribution
Teranishi, K., Tsushima, S. and Hirai, S.
– – –    35
Heat Transfer and Structural Optimization of Artificial Heart Muscle Using Thermoelectric Actuator
Ibuki, R., Maruyama, S., Sakai, S. and Behnia, M.
– – –    37
Experiment on Cooling Heat Transfer of Carbon Dioxide in a Multi-Port Extruded Tube at Supercritical Pressure
Koyama, S., Shinmura, E., Kinoshita, H., Morita, M. and Xiulan, H.
– – –    39
Study on True Specific Heat and Mean Specific Heat of Thermal Insulations
Ohmura, T., Tsuboi, M., Onodera, M. and Tomimura, T.
– – –    41
Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Thermal Insulation under High Temperature Conditions
Ohmura, T., Tsuboi, M., Onodera, M. and Tomimura, T.
– – –    43
A Consideration on Relation between Oscillatory Marangoni Flow in a Liquid Bridge and the Hydrothermal Wave in a Thin Liquid Layer
Tagaya, E., Ueno, I. and Kawamura, H.
– – –    45
Enhancement of Heat Transfer in Calcium Chloride Reactor Bed for Chemical Heat Pumps by Use of Graphite Composite Particles
Fujioka, K., Sasaki, K., Oido, K. and Hirata, Y.
– – –    47
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(2003, Vol. 11, No. 4)

Report on the 40th Heat Transfer Symposium of Japan
Kikuchi, Y.
– – –     1
<Special issue for extended abstracts of papers presented at NHTSJ>
Molecular Dynamics Study on Effects of Adherent Molecules on Surface Reaction and Surface Energy Transfer
Hatabu, A., Shibahara, M. and Katsuki, M.
– – –    3
Molecular Dynamics Study on Effects of Nanoscale Structure on Energy Transfer from Fluid to Surface
Shibahara, M. and Kunugi, T.
– – –    5
Molecular Diffusion through Nano-porous Thin Film
Iwaki, T.
– – –    7
Derivation of Transport Properties of Silane by Ab Initio Calculations
Sakiyama, Y., Takagi, S. and Matsumoto, Y.
– – –    9
Inverted Temperature Profile at Liquid-Vapor Interface Based on Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Tsuruta, T. and Nagayama, G.
– – –    11
Characteristics of Surface Velocity in Oscillatory Thermocapillary Convection
Agata, Y., Nishino, K. and Torii, K.
– – –    13
Heat Transfer Augmentation by Rib-Induced Secondary Flow inside a CircularTube with Inclined Ribs
Kiml, R., Mochizuki, S. and Murata, A.
– – –    15
Heat Transfer Enhancement and Pressure-Loss Reduction for Finned-Tube Bundles with Winglets
Torii, K., Nishino, K., Hata, K. and Atake, N.
– – –    17
Mechanism of Counter Gradient Flux in Homogeneous Shear Turbulence
Yoshida, K., Shimizu, Y., Iida, O. and Nagano, Y.
– – –    19
Time and Space-Resolved Heat Transfer in Separated Flow behind a Circular Cylinder for Reynolds Numbers from 100 to 30000
Nakamura, H. and Igarashi, T.
– – –    21
The Effect of Natural Convection on Combustion of Thin Solid Fuels
Kawahara, H. and Nishimura, T.
– – –    23
Effects of Wettability on Mercury Heat Transfer
Takenaka, N.
– – –    25
About Self-wetting Fluids
Abe, Y.
– – –    27
Study of Micro-Miniature JT Cooler
Nishio, S., Iwakami, T., Shirakashi, R. and Mita, M.
– – –    29
Direct Supply of Water into a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane for Improvement of Cell Performance
Tsushima, S., Teranishi, K. and Hirai, S.
– – –    31
Effect of Radiation Induced Surface Activation on Quenching Condition
Takamasa, T., Hazuku, T., Mishima, K., Okamoto, K., Mitsutake, T. and Morooka, S.
– – –    33
Extreme Expansion of Boiling Bubble Generated on a Small Heat Transfer Surface at Two-Stage High Pulse Heating
Okuyama, K., Tanaka, A. and Iida, Y.
– – –    35
Flow Characteristics and Heat Transfer of Ice Slurries
Kawanami, T., Yamada, M., Ikegawa, M. and Tanabe, W.
– – –    37
Decrease in Particle Number Density in a Solid-Liquid Two-Phase Flow by Using a Y-junction (Visualization of the Internal Flow)
Kainuma, Y., Ohta, J., Takagi, K., Sugita, M. and Yamamoto, T.
– – –    39
Hybrid Gas Bearing with Water Evaporation from Ultra-Fine Porous Medium
Yoshida, H., Ishibe, H., Matsui, H., Egawa, T., Saito, M. and Yoshitomi, S.
– – –    41
Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Brine with Flow Drag Reduction Additive
Haruki, N., Inaba, H., Horibe, A., Nakata, T. and Sato, K.
– – –    43
Thermal Contact Resistance between Solid Surfaces with Waviness and Roughness (Experimental Study on Effect of Filler Insertion)
Tomimura, T.
– – –    45
Numerical Simulation of Thermal Contact Resistance using Non-dimesional Parameters
Cong, P., Zhang, X. and Fujii, M.
– – –    47
Effects of Prandtl Number on Turbulent Heat Transfer in Curved Wall Shear Flows
Ijiri, K., Hattori, H. and Nagano, Y.
– – –    49
Subsequent Report on Nozzle Efficiency of Two-Phase Ejector Used in Carbon Dioxide Refrigerator
Nakagawa, M. and Morimune, Y.
– – –    51
Performance Evaluation of LNG Waste Cold Transport System Using Cold Trap and Evaporation-Freezing
Shima, K., Satoh, I. and Saito, T.
– – –    53
Performance of 2kW Adsorption Heat Pump for Producing Cold Heat Energy
Okada, K., Ueda, T., Watanabe, F., Kubota, M., Kobayashi, N., Deguchi, S. and Hasatani, M.
– – –    55
Study of Measurement of Thermal Environment in Urban Street Canyon
Yamada, N. and Saitoh, T.S.
– – –    57
Fast Computation of Microscale Temperature Distribution in LSI Chips
Hirasawa, S. and Isomura, S.
– – –    59
Creation of Radiative Characteristics by Control of Surface Nano-structure
Yamada, J. and Hideshima, Y.
– – –    61
Heat Transfer Characteristics of Heat Sinks with a Vapor Chamber
Koito, Y., Motomatsu, K., Imura, H., Mochizuki, M. and Saito, Y.
– – –    63
Operating Limit of the Self-Operative Heat Transfer Loop
Kadoguchi, K. and Yamazaki, M.
– – –    65
Particle Behavior and Heat Transfer around Horizontal Tube in Fluidized Bed (Effects of Tube Diameter and Inter-Particle Force)
Hayashi, T., Miyamoto, M. and Horie, M.
– – –    67
Forced Convection around Porous Obstacle
Masuoka, T., Nomura, A., Kakimoto, Y. and Ooba, M.
– – –    69
Improvement of Signal Processing for Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler -Comparison of Cross-Correlation and Pulse-Doppler Methods-
Inoue, H., Mori, M., Hishida, K. and Maeda, M.
– – –    71
Brownian Motion and Particle Size Measurement of Ferromagnetic Nano-Particles
Kikura, H., Matsushita, J., Yamanaka, G., Aritomi, M. and Nishino, K.
– – –    73
Distributed Pore Characteristic of Absorbent and its Effect on Desulfurization Reaction Process
Yan, Y., Peng, X., Wang, B. and Lee, D.
– – –    75
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(2003, Vol. 11, No. 3)

Micro Thermal Systems
Nishio, S.
– – –    1
Measurements of Temperature and Condensation in Flames using 2.0-mm DFB Diode Laser Sensors
Choi, G.M. and Katsuki, M.
– – –     9
Development of Thermal Device for Sensing Humidity in Microspace
Ishizuka, M. and Sato, Y.
– – –    17
Numerical Simulation of Time Dependent Double Diffusive Natural Convection in a Stably Stratified Fluid under Partial Heating Boundary Condition for a Circular Cavity
Cham, J.P., Hinata, S., Himeno, N., Sakurai, M. and Kamakura, K.
– – –    25
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(2003, Vol. 11, No. 2)

Direct Conversion of Methane using Non-equilibrium Pulsed Discharge with and without Catalysts
Kado, S., Urasaki, K., Sekine, Y. and Fujimoto, K.
– – –    1
Thermal Transport at Nano- and Atomic Scale: Quantum Molecular Dynamics (QMD) and Electronic Structure Approach
Zolotoukhina, T. N.
– – –     9
Structure of Recirculation Flow Induced by and Annular Jet
Matsumoto, R., Onishi, T., Ishihara, I. and Ozawa, M.
– – –     15
Author’s Comments on ‘Molecular Dynamics Derivation of Thermo-Fluid- Dynamics Equations’
Kotake, S.
– – –    23
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(2003, Vol. 11, No. 1)

Review and Conceptual Feasibility Study of Refrigeration Systems Utilizing Natural Working Fluids
Gu, Z. and Sato, H.
– – –    1
Heat Transfer Correlation for Open-Cellular Porous Materials
Kamiuto, K. and Yee, S.S.
– – –    13
Development of a High-Emissivity Glass Ceramics and Spectroscopic and Numerical Evaluations of Its Performance
Hashimoto, M., Shinoda, M., Kamata, Y., Kitagawa, K., Arai, N. and
Iwata, M.
– – –     21
Molecular Dynamics Study of Mass Diffusion
Iwaki, T. and Asakura, T.
– – –     33
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