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Volume 9, Number 1-6 (2001)

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(2001, Vol. 9, No. 6)

Removal of Residue on Small Heaters Used in TIJ Printers by Rapid Boiling
Okuyama, K., Morita, N., Maeda, A. and Iida, Y.
– – –    1
Effects of Operation Parameters on Freezing Rate of a Molten Metal Droplet Colliding with a Substrate
Ozaki, T., Fukai, J. and Miyatake, O.
– – –    9
A Study on the Mechanism of Dropwise Condensation in Water-Ethanol Vapor Mixture
Akiyama, H., Nagasaki, T. and Ito, Y.
– – –    19
Volume of Fluid Method for Phase Change Problems
Shirakawa, H., Takata, Y. and Ito, T.
– – –    29
Enhancement of Condensation Heat Transfer by the Counter-Current Wavy Flow  – Dynamic Behavior of Liquid Film and Heat Transfer Characteristic –
Teranishi, T., Ozawa, T., Imai, K. and Takimoto, A.
– – –    39

(2001, Vol. 9, No. 5)

A Model for Hydrogen Thermal Conductivity and Viscosity above 100 K
Wagner, H. A., Tunc, G. and Bayazitoglu, Y.
– – –     1
Morphology of Turbulent Jet Diffusion Flames with Annular Counterflow
Chan, S. M. S., Torii, S. and Yano, T.
– – –    9
Heat Transfer Characteristics of Tornado-like Vortex
(1st Report, Flow Structure)
Suzuki, Y. and Inoue, T.
– – –    17
New Experimental Results on Steady-State and Transient Pool Boiling Heat Transfer
Auracher, H., Marquardt, W., Buchholz, M., Hohl, R., Lüttich, T. and Blum, J.
– – –    29
Development of Functional Fluid Inducing the Inverse Natural Convection
Yoshida, K., Kawashima, A., Hayashi, H. and Kataoka, I.
– – –    41

(2001, Vol. 9, No. 4)

Report on the 38th Heat Transfer Symposium of Japan
S. Mochizuki
– – –    1
Personal Viewpoint of Heat Transfer – Past, Present and Future
W.-J. Yang
– – –    3
<Special issue for extended abstracts of papers presented at NHTSJ>
An Appraisal of Resources and Methodologies for prediction of Flow and Convection in Channels
S.W. Churchill, M. Shinoda and N. Arai
– – –    9
On Development of an Efficient Numerical Climate Model based o the Time-Space Method
S.Wakashima and T.S. Saitoh
– – –    11
Numerical Simulation of Heat and Mass Transfer in a Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
P.-W. Li, K. Suzuki, H. Komori and J.-H. Kim
– – –    13
The Performance and Self-starting of a PEFC below freezing
F. Kagami, H. Yoshikawa, Y. Hishinuma and T. Chikahisa
– – –    15
Thermoelectric generator utilizing automobile engine exhaust gas (Numerical simulation and experiment)
M. Miyamoto, M. Morishita and M. Ooishi
– – –    17
Experimental studies on heat transfer for CaO/Ca(OH)2 chemical heat pump dryer
H. Ogura, H. Ishida, H. Kage and A.S. Mujumdar
– – –    19
Enhancement of heat transfer in calcium chloride reactor bed by using graphite composite particles
K. Fujioka, K. Sasaki, K. Oido and Y. Hirata
– – –    21
Lattice boltzmann simulation of flow and heat- and mass-transfer with chemical reaction in a porous structure
T. Inamuro, R. Mizuno and F. Ogino
– – –    23
Fundamental study on plate type heat spreader
T. Tomimura, H. Anzai and T. Udagawa
– – –    25
Effect of the size of micro-pin-fin on boiling heat transfer from silicon chips immersed in FC-72
H. Honda, H. Takamatsu and J.J. Wei
– – –    27
Heat transfer characteristics of heat sinks with slit plate fins sloped against flow
H. Chiba and K. Kaga
– – –    29
Simulation experiment on freezing of biological cell by utilizing artificial membrane
Y. Tada, T. Doi and Y. Hayashi
– – –    31
Numerical simulation on flow and heat transfer characteristics of primary surface heat exchanger
H. Iwai, H. Watanabe, K. Tatsumi and K. Suzuki
– – –    33
Mathematical modeling for prediction steady state and transient heat transfer characteristics of reservoir embedded looped heat pipe (RELHP)
T. Ogushi, S. Haga, H. Ishikawa, A. Yao, A. Miyasaka and H. Noda
– – –    35
Pressure-controlled water heat pipe for temperature fixed points and comparision of PRTs
J. Tamba and M. Arai
– – –    37
Development of a compact and efficient static-type ice thermal energy torage vessel using a low concentration aqueous solution – heat transfer enhancement –
K. Sasaguchi, K. Muta, Y. Tamura, M. Ishikawa and Y. Baba
– – –    39
Direct contact cold heat extraction from water mixture of gel type latent heat storage material to air bubbles
H. Inaba, A. Horibe, N. Haruki and M. Murakami
– – –    41
Visualization of freezing and melting behaviors in a random pack of ice thermal storage capsules
K. Ogawa, S. Naruse and S. Matsuda
– – –    43
Motion simulation of negative thermal expansion capsular object using phase change material
Y. Yamaguchi and S. Muto
– – –    45
Study on numerical simulation of fire resistance tests for load bearing elements of building construction
T. Ohmura, M. Sakakura, M. Tsuboi and T. Tomimura
– – –    47
Numerical study on in-tube laminar heat transfer characteristics of CO2 at supercritical condition
S. Koyama, D. Kim and E. Shinmura
– – –    49
Time-spatial characteristics of heat transfer and flow in duct with turbulence promoter located at various duct height
K. Oyakawa, M. Yaga, I. Senaha and M. Hiwada
– – –    51
Prediction of drag reduction and heat transfer enhancement based on coherent fine scale eddies in turbulence
K. Nishimura and M. Tanahashi
– – –    53
Effect of ultrasonic vibrations on fluid flow in a channel (measurement of acoustic turbulence)
S. Nomura, Y. Hayashi and K. Murakami
– – –    55
Heat transfer enhancement and flow characteristics in finned-tube heat exchangers with winglet-type vortex generators
K. Kwak, K. Torii and K. Nishino
– – –    57
Effects of gaps between the slide-walls and ribs on the heat transfer and rib induced secondary flow inside a straight rib-roughened duct
R. Kiml, S. Mochizuki and A. Murata
– – –    59
Optimal partition for suppression of thermal convection
T. Masuoka, H. Nakamura, S. Kobayashi, K. Tanaka and T. Oshima
– – –    61
Nonlinear model of bubble formation at a submerged orifice
L. Zhang and M. Shoji
– – –    63
Heat transfer coefficient of ammonia/water mixture on porous surface
H. Arima, M. Monde and Y. Mitsutake
– – –    65
DNS of heat transfer in a neutrally stratified turbulent Ekman layer
K. Shingai and H. Kawamura
– – –    67
The development of modern correlating equations for fluid flow and heat transfer
S.C. Zajic and S.W. Churchill
– – –    69
Heat transfer from a flat plate at one end of a rectangular duct containing pressurized He II (1)
H. Tatsumoto, K. Hata, K. Hama, Y. Shirai, T. Okamura and M. Shiotsu
– – –    71
Heat transfer from a flat plate at one end of a rectangular duct containing pressurized He II (2)
H. Tatsumoto, K. Hata, Y. Shirai, K. Hama and M. Shiotsu
– – –    73
Heat transfer from a flat plate at one end of a rectangular duct containing pressurized He II (3)
H. Tatsumoto, K. Fuluda and M. Shiotsu
– – –    75
Heat transfer from a flat plate at one end of a rectangular duct containing pressurized He II (4)
H. Tatsumoto, K. Fuluda and M. Shiotsu
– – –    77
Measurement of condensate thickness for solutal Marangoni condensation by laser ablation method
Y. Utaka and T. Nishikawa
– – –    79
Effect of fine particle on the characteristics of gas-liquid two-phase slug flows in a vertical pipe (2nd report, shape of large bubbles)
H. Minagawa, J. Matsumiya, M. Hirose and E. Naito
– – –    81
Study on critical power of tight lattice rod bundle under unsteady conditions
S. Morooka, Y. Yamamoto and K. Shirakawa
– – –    83
Measurement of vapor concentration distribution in spray by laser induced fluorescence
S. Yamamoto, R. Kurosawa, K. Hishida and M. Maeda
– – –    85
Breakup pattern of single droplet impinging obliquely on a heated surface
T. Suzuki, D. Matsumura and K. Mitachi
– – –    87
Thermal stratification phenomena in a tower-style tank for simultaneous storing of warm and ice
K. Tagawa, K. Kitamura, S. Adachi, M. Ideguchi and O. Miyatake
– – –    89

(2001, Vol. 9, No. 3)

Molecular dynamics study on evaporation and boiling of liquid thin film
Iwaki, T.
– – –    1
Effect of anisotropy of intermolecular potential in deposition process
Inoue, T.
– – –    11
Molecular dynamics of heat conduction through carbon nanotube
Maruyama, S. and Choi, S.H.
– – –    17
Wavelet transformation technique for analyzing lattice vibration in solids
Matsumoto, M., Yamada, G., Ohguchi, K. Wakabayashi, H. and Makino, T.
– – –    25
Programmable separation of biomolecules by the ratcheting electrophoresis microchip
Ohara, T. and Majumdar, A.
– – –    37
QMD physics of joule heating of nano-wires and nano-thin-films
Zolotoukhina, T.N.
– – –    49
MD study on collision processes of an oxygen molecule on Ag surface with initial internal molecular motion
Shibahara, M., Takami, E. and Katsuki M.
– – –    57
First principle study of cathode catalyst for polymer electrolyte fuel cell – oxygen adsorption properties on catalyst surface –
Jinnouchi, R. and Okazaki, K.
– – –    67

(2001, Vol. 9, No. 2)

Condensation of a Ternary Zeotropic Refrigerant Mixture in a Horizontal Micro-fin Tube
Koyama, S. and Lee, S.M.
– – –    1
Estimation of Surface Temperature and Heat Flux using Inverse Solution for One Dimensional Heat Conduction
Arai, H., Monde, M. and Mitsutake, Y.
– – –    9
Experimental Study of the Rheological and Heat Transfer Behavior of an Aqueous Surfactant Solution (3rd Report _Turbulent Heat Transfer Study)
Ishiguro, S.
– – –    21
Enhancement of Cooling Heat Transfer Occurred by Infrasonic Wave
Morita, M. and Anzawa, N.
– – –    31
A Review Paper of Turbine 2000, International Symposium on Heat Transfer in Gas Turbine Systems
Takeishi, K.
– – –    45

(2001, Vol. 9, No. 1)

Micro-solidification of Ternary Solution with Supercooling
Tada, Y., Yoshioka, H., Nakamura, M. and Hayashi, Y.
– – –    1
Experimental Study on Solidification of Alloy Melts with Supercooling
Yoshioka, H., Tada, Y., Furuichi, T. and Hayashi, Y.
– – –    13
Micro-Heat Transfer of Solidification of Alloy Melts with Supercooling
Yoshioka, H., Tada, Y., Kunimine, K. and Hayashi, Y.
– – –    23
AFM Measurement and Water-evaporation Characteristics of Unglazed-pottery Surface
Sataka, S.
– – –    33
Effects of Turbulence Characteristic Length Scale on Hydrogen-Air Turbulent Premixed Flames
Tanahashi, M., Yu, Y. and Miyauchi, T.
– – –    39
Enhancement of Boiling Heat Transfer from Flat Plate to Liquid by Mobile Particles and Heat Transfer Correlation
Tsuyuki, T., Iida, Y. and Okuyama, K.
– – –    49